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Computer Hacking Tricks Throughout the World

Since the dawn of the Internet, computer hacking has grown from a strange hobby for strange basement dweller types, to a multi million dollar industry filled with criminal masterminds, thieves, and spies. Check out the infographic below for a brief visual look at computer hacking across the world. “Cyberspace” really is the fifth domain of warfare, after land, sea, air, and space. Governments across the world are beginning a new arms race – not for nuclear weapons – but for silent cyber tools. Digital cruise missiles that are able to take out an enemy’s communications infrastructure (and anything else connected to the Internet) with a few simple mouse clicks.

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Think about what all is connected to the Internet in some form or fashion:

– Electrical Power Grids

-Water Treatment Facilities

– Sewage Treatment Plants

– Power Plants

– Food Processing Centers

What’s one thing all these industrial staples have in common? They’re all run by machines, and yes, they ARE connected to the Internet. Think about it. The techs that maintain and fix these systems can’t be everywhere at once. They dial in remotely to fix problems. And the only way to dial in to a system is for that system to be online.

Just imagine computer hackers taking out the power to a large metropolitan hospital, or changing the settings on water treatment facilities to allow bacteria into the water supply… Or, maybe connect to a power plant and overload the circuits until the entire thing blows sky high. That’s just the beginning… But it’s not necessarily the biggest thing you should be worried about. There are plenty of people (some perhaps in your own neighborhood) who know how to hack a WiFi password, for instance. And if, for instance, they can hack your WiFi password and gain access, what do you imagine they could do? Steal your identity, perhaps? How about drain your bank account. Maybe even frame you for downloading illegal content as well…

Don’t be that guy. The one who has an insecure Wireless network. The one who may end up in jail for something he didn’t do. And even if you THINK your network and computer is secure, think again.

In a former life, I was one of those rogues. Basement dwellers, if you want to be insulting. I was a computer hacker. But I’ve switched sides, and now I work as a paid security consultant. I find the security holes before the bad guys do. I still break into computer networks, but only to show the owners how and why I was able to do so, then offer them the steps so it cannot happen again.

I want to bring light to the shadowy world of cyber crime and computer hacking. Millions fall victim every year to identity theft and drained bank accounts. I believe that knowledge is power, and if users know how this stuff works, they can be better prepared to protect themselves against hacking attacks. Check out my website for hoards of information on computer hacking. The workflows and methods. And most importantly, how you can protect yourself against an online attack.


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