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A Legitimate Way to Hack WiFi – Become a Wireless Security Consultant

wifi password hackOne of the fastest growing fields in the IT Industry today is a wireless security consultant. If you are naturally curious and especially good with computers, you should seriously consider looking into the field of IT security. It’s just an exciting field because you get to do things like hack WiFi or crack a password. And the industry is poised for explosive growth.

Think about it. More and more people are getting online than ever before. There are something like 2 billion PCs in the world, and 3 billion smart phones. Then you have the bad guys, rogue computer hackers who think nothing of identity theft or information disclosure, or perhaps targeting you in a wireless password hack.

Wireless Security Experts are the defenders in cyberspace. These are the ones who are constantly monitoring the cyber underworld for signs of new hacking tools and techniques. They regularly test the systems they protect, in essence performing ethical hacks in order to plug weaknesses before malicious hackers find them.

So how does one become a wireless security expert? And let’s not mess around, the fun part is learning how to hack WiFi. And for free too.

Education is a must. There are tons of schools which offer degrees in Information Technology and Computer Science. There are more targeted learning paths available (with degrees and certificates). In the IT Security industry, there is plenty to chose from such as:

1. Digital Forensic Investigator

2. Firewall Administrator

3. Penetration Tester (ethical hacker)

4. IT Security Architect

5. Physical Security Manager

The list goes on and on, and there are plenty of opportunities to find.

But other than education, there are great resources for free ways to learn how to hack WiFi.

To learn, you will need a few things:

  • Back Track Linux or Kali Linux.

These are penetration testing operating systems. They come installed with a large collection of hacking tools. Kali Linux is the successor to Back Track, but either will do.

Remember, the IT Security field is growing faster than the average. Don’t get left behind. Get started for free right now. Free tutorials, articles, videos. Everything you need to get started. And the best part is, as you learn, you will also learn how to keep yourself safe from some of the cyber dangers out there.


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